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Linda Rogers, Owner & Founder, CFP®, EA, MSBA

In 2005, I read about airline companies filing for bankruptcy and defaulting on their employee pension plans. Overnight, employees saw their retirement income disappear or be greatly reduced. I felt a sense of panic that I, myself, did not have a retirement strategy in place. I had my employer’s 401k plan and other benefits that I did not completely understand. Despite graduating with an Economics degree from a great school, I was never taught how to invest my 401k money, or how much I should be saving every year towards retirement. That led me to read everything possible about personal finance that I could get my hands on, and shortly after, transition into financial planning as a profession.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional. I earned my Master’s Degree in Financial and Tax Planning at San Diego State University and my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Villanova University. I earned my Enrolled Agent certificate from the IRS in 2013. I now have more than 12 years of experience giving financial advice.

My process begins with a simple and free phone consultation. I don’t judge. I understand that sharing personal finances is personal. I treat all my clients with discretion, confidentiality and trust.

I hope to work with you.

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