Ongoing Investment Management

Imagine not having to worry about rebalancing your portfolio or choosing appropriate investment options. Let us do it for you so you can focus on the things you enjoy.


Starts at $5,000 per year - ongoing comprehensive financial planning is included at no additional charge.


Get Started

Each Investment Management client must start by doing a comprehensive financial plan. Schedule an initial call to speak with a PWR Advisor.

Our Investment Process:

All investment management clients must start by doing a comprehensive financial plan.

We start our investment process by determining the best PWR model for your financial situation. This is based on the return required to meet your goals, the amount of volatility you are comfortable with and other factors we take into consideration.

Then we evaluate custom strategies such as the following:

  • Tax-efficient holdings

  • Asset location preferences

  • Bucket strategy

  • Backdoor Roth conversions

  • Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies

  • Tolerance Band Rebalancing

  • Tax Loss Harvesting

Our Investment Philosophy:

We are long-term investors that believe in passive, low-cost investing. Our core models consist of broad, diversified mutual funds and ETFs that are held at Pershing, the third largest custodian in terms of asset size.

We specialize in impact investing by applying an additional layer of due diligence to traditional financial portfolio construction. For example, we consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in the majority of asset classes. We use MSCI’s ESG methodology which screens out civilian firearms, controversial weapons and tobacco. Companies with severe controversies are also screened out. The portfolio is then optimized using a quantitative process that considers the market capitalization weights from the parent index, ESG scores and additional optimization constraints. This means that a company with a high ESG score may have a greater weight in our portfolio than that of a traditional index that ignores ESG factors.

Want to learn more about ESG? Read our blog posts on different ESG topics.

Investment Management Fee Schedule:

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