Prepare yourself for the "gig economy"

Many believe the "gig economy" is here to stay and will continue to get bigger. I heard a futurist speak at a conference a couple years ago, and he predicted there will be a "" for employers and workers. Work will become more project-based with workers not necessarily being employees of a company but functioning as independent contractors. With Microsoft's recent purchase of LinkedIn, Microsoft may see LinkedIn as that matchmaking site. I will be asking our educational speaker next month for her thoughts, but I recommend professionals do the following: 1) Update your LinkedIn profile and clearly define your skills. Create a recurring task to review and update your profile quarterly.

2) Always be networking. Even if you love your job and have job security now, the future is unknown. I see many people who feel secure with their positions only to be let go due to a company sale, re-location, or structural change within their industry.

3) Reflect on what you are good at and enjoy doing. I just read the book, Spark Joy. The author is a decluttering guru from Japan, Marie Kondo. Her childhood stories are just as entertaining as the organization methods she developed and illustrated in the book. As a child, she would wake up early to organize her family's kitchen, and she practiced until she perfected a system for organizing every cabinet and drawer in her house. While she drove her family crazy at times, I am sure they couldn't deny she had a skill that she was very passionate about.

4) Create a vision of what you want to be doing in the next 5 years. Document everything you need to do to reach that goal. Break the action items into achievable goals for each of the next 5 years.