Comprehensive Financial Plan Project

A comprehensive plan is ideal for families and individuals who want a custom strategy that clearly maps out how to meet their financial goals.


$2,000 – $5,000 depending on the complexity of the plan.



Schedule an initial call with us - we provide you a quote on the call.

This Package Includes:

We start all of our planning engagements with a discussion of your goals. Why are you seeking a financial planner? Is anything causing you financial stress? Do you expect any significant changes in the future?

Clients commonly have one or more of the following goals and stress points:

  • I want to buy a new home. What price home can I afford?

  • I want to know if I am on track for retirement?

  • We just had our first child - how much should we be saving for college? Should we stop saving for retirement to fund this goal?

  • I have stock options - when should I sell them?

  • I am planning to make a career change. Can I afford to earn less for a period of time while I make the transition?

  • Am I invested correctly? I need help developing an investment strategy.

  • I heard that I should do a Roth Conversion - do you agree?

  • Is my rental property a good investment or should I sell it?

Because we customize each financial plan, no two plans will look the same. That being said, we are sure to cover the main planning areas as demonstrated below:

one-time financial plan san diego ca

We insist on doing a fully comprehensive analysis versus the piecemeal approach because most areas of your financial plan are interconnected. We often find gaps that clients didn't mention by reviewing these essential topic areas. At the end of the planning process, you will receive answers to your primary concerns as well as directions for addressing any other gaps we identified.

Here is an example of our Prioritized To-Do List:

comprehensive financial plan san diego ca

The Process:

After our initial call, we schedule a 30-minute discovery meeting to dive deeper into your goals and assumptions. You will upload any necessary documents to a secure, online portal using an easy to follow Items-Needed checklist. Once we have all of your data, we conduct our analysis in about 2-4 weeks. When the plan is complete, we have a 1-2 hour meeting to review the plan, including your Prioritized To-Do List. We have another meeting with you four months after the plan delivery (at no additional charge) to ensure you are making progress on your pending items. After that, we suggest you take advantage of our Annual Review process to stay on track.

Annual Financial Plan Update

Annual reviews are available for previous comprehensive financial planning clients. After completing your financial plan with PWR, we recommend meeting once a year to review and update your plan.


Annual reviews range from $1,500 – $3,000, depending on the amount of time elapsed since the comprehensive plan was delivered.



We will contact you when it has been one year since your Plan Delivery meeting. You can also email your advisor to schedule your Annual Review.

This Package Includes:

Life is continuously changing, so you need your plan to change with you. Our Annual Reviews follow the same process as our comprehensive plans and give our previous clients the opportunity to update and refresh the plan we created for them.

We recommend reviewing your plan every year, or sooner, if there is a significant life event or change such as an inheritance received, a change in income or an unexpected bonus.

Other changes that may occur, resulting in the need for a plan update include:

  • New job

  • New child

  • New work benefits

  • Investments need to be rebalanced

  • Change in housing needs

  • Retirement income distribution planning

We prefer working with clients long-term so we can coach them through a variety of financial obstacles and be there to witness their progress.

If you schedule your annual review within 16 months of your previous plan delivery, you will receive a $500 discount on your annual review fee. If your annual review is scheduled more than 16 months after, you will be charged for a new Comprehensive Financial Plan.