Visit your Local Library

I am amazed at how many of the young couples that I meet with don't take advantage of their local libraries.  I was also guilty of giving in to convenience for a few years.  It is so easy to click on Amazon and have a book delivered to your front door.  It is even easier to select a popular book on a Kindle or Nook® and start reading instantly! These purchases add up.  After reviewing many budgets with families, the cost of books is right up there with Starbucks as one of the line items that completely shocks people.  Some people say they will sell the books back, but if they actually do, it will be for a fraction of the purchase price.  Others insist on keeping books for future reference.  As someone who goes through at least 3 books a week, I have found that you can almost always do without purchasing the book.  And it's not just books.  Are you still getting magazines delivered monthly?  The library has most magazines too.

In addition to being a free source of books and magazines, many libraries have become similar to community centers.  They have all sorts of programs for kids and adults including story time, book clubs, concerts, and even Zumba classes!  Some have a section dedicated to kids where they can run around, draw with chalk and make a mess (and you don't have to clean it up for once!)  The libraries are also resources for unemployed people, giving them access to the Internet to search for jobs and work on resumes.  Many libraries offer meeting rooms for community use and so much more.

So the next time you want a book, try and get it from your local library instead.  If you decide you want your own copy, add it to your Amazon Wish List for someone else to get you as a gift.  Start saving your book money for something special.